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Do you want to lose weight quickly and easily in Hampton Roads? Do you desire healthy, sustainable results?

Look no further! Utilizing the latest breakthroughs in cellular bio-communication technology, combined with years of experience in helping thousands of patients effectively lose weight Planet Wellness has the answer you have been looking for. Our staff is excited and ready to help you meet your weight loss goals now! Click on 1 of our 3 locations at Planet Wellness on the right as your first step to Lose Weight, Live Well.

“But I have tried other weight loss programs! What make Planet Wellness different?”

The Planet Wellness program is not a diet. In fact, although our average client does lose weight quickly, that is not our main focus. That’s right, Planet Wellness goes beyond dieting and focuses on total body wellness because we believe that you were created with the potential to live life to the fullest. Weight loss is just one of the many benefits of improving the body’s overall health. Say goodbye to dieting and hello to improved health while maximizing the expression of life. Lose Weight, Live Well. Welcome to Planet Wellness! Begin your journey today by clicking on 1 of our 3 locations on the right and setting up a Wellness Consultation now.


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