Weight Loss Testimonials

Lost 32 Pounds in 40 Days!

Weight Loss Testimonial

"In just 40 days I lost 32 pounds, went from a size 18 to size 12 and lost 5 inches around my waist."

~ Lucy M.*

Lost 28 Pounds in 40 Days!

Weight Loss Testimonial

~ Jon M.*

Lost 22 Pounds in 40 Days

Weight Loss Testimonial

"I look better, I feel good and I have more energy."

~ Jan G.*

Lost 23 Pounds in 40 Days

Weight Loss Testimonial

"Life Changing & Empowering"
"I recommend it to all my family and friends"

~ Dale S.*

Weight Loss Testimonial

"I finished in 2 hours 51 minutes. I like to thank you and Planet Wellness for all the help. Started out at 270 pounds, graduate this week and lost 40 pounds.  Still had a goal of running in this half marathon and I completed both. I felt great running lighter than before Anybody can do this!  Again, thank you for the help and motivation!"

~ Steven E.*

"Very Supportive"
"Cut my blood pressure meds by 75%"
"Sleep disorder resolved"
"Lost 123 pounds total - dropped 6 pant sizes"

~ Brent B.*

"Never hungry"
"Less Psoriasis"
"Don't cheat!  It works great!"

~ Abraham G.*

"Improved energy"
"Improvement in my skin"

~ Rachel C.*

"Lost over 70 pounds!! Dropped 6 clothing sizes!!"
"Program yields excellent results when followed explicitly"

~ Ava S.*

"My self-image has improved"
"Lost 27 pounds"
"It's worth the cost & effort!"

~ Janet A.*

"The pounds seemed to fall off"
"My clothes fit better, my body doesn't at as much anymore"
"Put me in "weight"

~ Keith D.*

"Keep up with it!  It Works!!

~ Linda G.*

"Improved Sleep"
"Improved Energy"
"It delivers what promised when followed"

~ Neida F.*

"Lost 25 pounds - Down 2 sizes"
"Follow the plan & it works!"

~ Deborah J.*

"Lost 40.8 pounds"
"Increased my confidence"
"Program works if you do it way it was designed"

~ Joe H.*

"You must try this program, it changed my life"
"Eating healthier"
"I feel great!"
"The best investment I've ever made"

~ Pamela T.*

"Revived, Refreshed, Renewed"

~ Donna G.*

"I know I look better, feel good and have more energy"

~ Jan G.*

"No longer have shortness of breath when taking the stairs"

~ Camille H.*

"Feel like I have the tools to continue a healthy lifestyle"
"The weight loss is exciting"

~ LaToya W.*

* Each individual's treatment and/or results may vary based upon the circumstances and the patient's specific situation.


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