Knee On Trac helps those who suffer from:


1) Chronic Knee Pain

2) Sprains/strains older than 6 weeks

3) Knee joint Osteoarthritis/Degeneration

4) ACL Injuries

5) Meniscus Tear (Simple & Complex)

6) Failed Knee Surgery

7) Osteochondritis Dessicans

8) Lateral collateral tear

9) Medial collateral tear

10) Scar Tissue build up after 1 yr post knee replacement

What kind of results can I expect?


  • Reduction of pain

  • Decreases inflammation

  • Speeds up healing process
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Increased joint function
  • Re-hydration of the joint
  • Enhanced cartilage repair

Knee Traction Theraphy

The Knee On Trac Is A Non-invasive Knee Pain Therapy That Offers A Revolutionary Solution For Those That Live With Every Day Knee Pain. This Device Isolates The Knee For Safe And Effective Traction To Decrease Pain. Studies Show That Mechanical Traction Was More Effective In Decreasing Pain And Improving Quality Of Life Than Using Conventional Methods Alone.

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