I discuss the best care options, assist with the financial details correlating with their specific recommendations, and I sleep well at night knowing I have given all available information to our patients so an educated decision can be made for their desired health.

I receive amazing rewards through what I’ve been equipped to do.  I have the opportunity to witness life altering change in a patient’s daily life as a direct result of their treatment, the quality of care they receive, and the healing atmosphere we continually strive to provide.  Still to this day, after over four years of holding this privilege, I am continually grateful to play a small role in the restoration of our patients quality of living.  I also firmly believe that a form of that restoration takes place through genuine acts of kindness.  The mental health of our community is important to me, and I hold firm to the impact a kind word or gesture can have on complete health.


I come from simple beginnings and was raised to appreciate the often overlooked, priceless things life has to offer.  I was born and raised in a rural town outside of Boise, Idaho.  My father was a truck driver, responsible for delivering Idaho’s infamous potatoes far and wide.  My mother wore many hats in our family.  During my younger years, she was the librarian and a substitute teacher at the tiny, farming community school I grew up in.  As a child I was fascinated with all things outdoors.  Most of my recreational time was spent camping, fishing, and hunting with my family.  Oh! And when I was little, I must have instinctively known the benefit of a mineral mud mask long before that was something people paid top dollar for.  At the beautiful age of 91, my grandmother still laughs and tells the story of how I would stand in the creek beds and rub “fresh” mud over my face, arms & legs, then rinse and repeat.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.  I would love to recreate that memory one day!  As I grew older, you could find me on a pair of snow ski’s in the mountains, or water skiing on one of the many pristine mountain lakes.


After attending Boise State University, I started my professional career in financial services.  From the very beginning, customer service and client satisfaction seemed to be in my DNA, and I was blessed with the ability to connect with people in all walks of life.  I spent the first decade dedicated to assisting people with financial goals, and spent many of those years as a Mortgage Lender in Boise, Idaho.


Fast forward to 2010, when an unexpected move across the country landed me within walking distance to Planet Wellness.  I decided to give a new profession my all.  I have never looked back.  What I have learned over the years about what quality Chiropractic care can accomplish, and what our body is capable of conquering if given what is truly needed, developed a passion in me that will last a lifetime.  The most recent chapter in this journey was becoming a Nationally Certified Phlebotomist.  I am now able to assist our patients with blood draws for the specific blood panels needed to seek the cause in cases of chronic pain, disease, and mental illnesses.  I am overjoyed by the thought of the miracles that will flow from our mission at Planet Wellness.  


Chad and I are blessed with three beautiful children.  Being a great Mom, after learning from a great Mom, is one of my most cherished roles.  I pray our children will hold fast to all that we teach them along the way.  I pray that health will be a priority to them in their adulthood.  True health is priceless and often taken for granted, but extremely costly in many ways when disregarded.  True health should be sought after, nurtured, and appreciated, and that concept is at the root of my personal mission at Planet Wellness.

One of my favorite responsibilities is meeting with each new patient to review the Spinal X-rays taken on their initial appointment.  It is my job to ensure our patients understand what is found in their X-rays, and in relation, everything our team is able to do to help. 

Rebecca - Office Manager

Hello! I am happy to introduce myself!  I am Rebecca Jenkins and I have the privilege of being the Office Manager, and the honor of being the wife of Dr. Chad Jenkins.  With those two titles, as you can imagine, my heart is poured into all things big and small that we do daily at Planet Wellness.  I hold a very high regard for the quality of service provided, and the genuine care given to each and every patient we are blessed to serve

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