My association with Planet Wellness began as a patient. The unparalleled care, thorough examinations, and the dedicated team left a profound impression on me. It's fascinating that I only realized later that Dr. Chad, who came across as incredibly kind, humble, and helpful, was actually the owner! Every individual here embodies professionalism sprinkled with joy, fun, and unwavering team spirit. It's an environment that truly redefines chiropractic care.


Life hasn't always been smooth sailing. Just four days after I landed in Germany post joining the Air Force, I faced a grievous car accident, shattering my left femur bone. Though the initial prognosis was daunting, it became an incredible journey of faith for me. Instead of succumbing to the surgeon's prediction of a lifelong limp, I chose to believe in my own strength and resilience. That challenging phase taught me the true essence of determination, patience, wisdom, and the boundless power of a positive mindset.


As you enter Planet Wellness, know that you're not just another patient; you're a cherished part of our family. With my life's experiences in tow, I am here to serve, guide, and make your journey with us truly special. Looking forward to meeting you!

But what keeps my spirit alive every day? The undying love and admiration for my life's greatest treasures — my two daughters and the love of my life. Outside of work, you can find me immersed in a book, belting out a tune, attending church, cracking jokes, enjoying a basketball or football game, or simply helping someone in need.

A little about my journey: I proudly served in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years. A distinct honor I held was being the guidon bearer throughout my basic training — an accomplishment that few sustain for the entire duration. Post my Air Force journey, I dedicated 8 years at the University of Notre Dame and had the privilege of being recognized as the 'Employee of the Year'. I later transitioned to JenCare Senior Medical Center, where, as the lead check-in person, I discovered the joys of interacting with the elderly. Their zest for life and infectious energy made my 6 years there truly memorable.

Shawn - Front Desk

Hello there! I'm Shawn, and as soon as you step through the front doors of Planet Wellness, you'll be greeted by my ever-smiling face. I'm the energetic force behind our front desk, and my day is filled with warmly welcoming our patients, processing billing, managing appointment schedules, and ensuring that every phone call is answered with enthusiasm.

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