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The most common mistakes neuropathy pain suffers make are to think “it will go away on its own” or “the medications will get me better”.  Doing this for long periods can cause you to reach a point of no return.  


A nerve is an organism just like a plant, so our goal is to increase blood supply to the nerve so it can heal.  Our question is how many medications will it take to increase blood flow to the dying nerve? You are correct! Medication will not increase blood flow. With our 4-Step process we have a high success with Neuropathy.


Our 4-Step Process

  1. Increases blood supply to your nerves

  2. Repairing and re-educateing your nerves

  3. Increase blood flow to your feet and hands

  4. Increase your balance and mobility

Get Pain Relief Now!

What to expect with our proven method: 


We get to the root cause with our world-renown exam and consultation.  We offer state of the art cutting edge therapies. We have an all-natural approach. 

Stop living with increased sensitivity to touch in feet or hands, which leads to muscle cramping or general discomfort of the joints can happen throughout the body.

Stop putting harmful medications into your body to just cover up your pain.

Let’s heal!  

Planet Wellness offers a 100% drug free solution.

We even have a Heal From Home Program!

We will get you out of pain but the benefits don’t stop at pain relief.

We believe that the body can heal itself when given the right conditions. Our neuropathy programs emphasize the inherent recuperation power of the body to heal itself without drugs or surgery.

Is our Peripheral Neuropathy Program Right For You?


Our clinically proven protocol has given Hampton Roads Peripheral Neuropathy pain relief.

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No Drugs – No Surgery – No Injections

Yes, I Have These Symptoms.

Neuropathy Symptoms

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a general term meaning “nerve problem”. There are a variety of types and causes of neuropathy and despite what other doctors or specialists may have told you, symptoms of most types can be greatly improved, if not completely resolved, you just have to have the right tools for the job. On the low end, our comprehensive neuropathy protocol achieves 60-90% improvement and some patients achieve 100% complete resolution of symptoms.

Pain Walking

Sensitivity to Touch

Muscle Weakness

Burning or Tingling

Difficulty Sleeping

Sharp, Electric Pain

Diabetic Nerve Pain




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